Centralized Turn Up Test

Advisor SLA helps Fixed, Cable and Mobile Telecom Operators to

  • Get the service right the first time
  • Accelerate the time for new service revenue with less technicians 

Advisor SLA reduces the Turn Up phase, to eliminate service failure causes, get Birth Certificate before to release the new Links / Services to customers.

Advisor SLA provides a large choice of Hardware & Virtual Probes with different capabilities and performances, to perform Link & Service Activation Test for Legacy and NFV Network based Infrastructure.

AdvisorSLA Service Activation Solution Test Suite:

  • Layer 2 Test – Based on Y.1731
  • Layer 3 Test – Based on IP/UDP
  • Quick Test – to quickly check the Throughput
  • Full Y.1564 Test suite:
    • Service configuration Test – Validate the network configuration of each defined Service
      • CIR Test - Committed Information Rate
      • EIR Test - Excess Information Rate
      • Traffic Policing Test
      • CBS Test - Committed Burst Size
      • EBS Test - Excess Burst Size
    • Service Performance Test – Validate the Quality of all Services
      • Test duration from1 min to 24 Hours
      • All services simultaneously within their CIR
  • Round Trip & Bidirectional Test 

Turn Up Test

Far End Devices (End Points) could be:

  • vProbe (Software Probe) or H-Probe (Hardware Probe) -> Bi Directional Test 
  • SFP with Layer 2/3 Remote loop back capabilities
  • Network Equipement with Y.1731 implementation

KPIs (Key Performance Indicator)

  • IR – Information Rate – Throughput
  • FTD – Frame Transfer Delay Latency
  • FDV – Frame Delay Variation jitter
  • FLR – Frame Loss Ratio - Packet Loss
  • Service Avaibility
  • One Way and Round Trip Measurement


Learn more about the next IP SLA Generation, AdvisorSLA



Y.1564 Datasheet

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