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IT Managers need to be sure they deliver the best quality of service and experience to their users. As technology evolves this challenge becomes harder to overcome and they are several reasons. Applications are more widely distributed and require more bandwidth, the network grows and becomes more complex; multiple applications running on remote sites and the explosion of consuming applications such as VoIP or Video, they all impact the Quality perceived by End User (QoE). 

Advisor SLA helps IT Managers to anticipate all potentials issues affecting their customer critical business applications, by giving a clear picture and understanding on each piece of the complete chain, from the End user, through the Network Infrastructure, up to the Application Server.

Advisor SLA provide answers to the following issues:

  1. How the Critical Business Application is perceived by the End Users? 
  2. How does the Service Provider Network infrastructure performs in comparison to the services contract?
  3. How does the Application server perform?

Advisor SLA Validates the ability of the network to prioritize end-to-end traffic based on IP precedence (TOS) or differentiated service code points (DSCP).

  • Define multiple QoS profiles
  • Generate simultaneous flows between agents with different QoS profiles
  • Check that the received QoS information has not been changed across the network.

Advisor SLA Monitors performance and availability of the web applications.

  • Measure all Network KPIs (Packet Loss, Latency, Jitter, ...) when accessing your web application (DNS resolution time, TCP connection time, Application Response Time, HTTP Response code…)
  • Support of Proxy, SSL.
  • Advisor SLA Measures VoIP Service Quality
    • Emulate SIP calls with RTP streams
    • Supported Codec ( G711, G726, G729 …)
    • Measures the mean opinion score MOS (e-model), one way delay, jitter and packet loss.

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