Advisor SLA Solution help Carriers, Service Providers and IT/Entreprises in managing hybrid services and networks, to measure availability, reliability and performance of their Network Infrastructure and Business Applications when deploying and managing NFV/SDN technologies.

With the next IP SLA generation, Advisor SLA helps to:
  • Optimize Network, Applications and Services by
    • Providing Link & Service activation
    • Providing Performance visibility
    • Proving Service Level Agreement
    • Enhancing Customer satisfaction
  • Reduce OPEX by
    • Decreasing deployment time
    • Lowering Meantime to Restore & Downtime
    • Proactive Identification of issue.

Advisor SLA provides 24x7 KPIs on the

  • Quality perceived by the end users
  • Network infrastructure Performance.


NFV/SDN solution - Hlog QoS Telecom

A Solution that is 100% software based and NFV ready.

It can be easily deployed at any remote location through NFV orchestration.

With minimal effort, customer can initiate

  • Link & Service Activation Test (based on Y.1564)
  • 24x7 End to End Quality of Service (QoS) Monitoring solution. (based on TWAMP & Y.1731) 

The solution is a combination of 

  • Network Management System - Web based GUI
    • Probe configuration
    • Sanity checking
    • Setup test scenarios
    • Collect all results from probes and save them on local Databases.
    • Dashboards, result consolidation and reports
    • Alarm generation & notification (SNMP, Email)

Central database with Backup, Redundancy functionality for high avaibility.

  • Virtual Probes
    • Based on active testing technology 
      • Network Test - Layer 2 & Layer 3 - Test between Virtual probes
      • Application Testing - Web, Emails , DNS, LDAP, NTP .... - Simulation of real transactions from any Virtual Probe to the Application Servers. 

Advisor SLA Solution, the next IP SLA generation

  • QoE Improvement – Application Performance testing solution.
  • Network QoS improvement - Layer 2 & 3 test 
  • End-to-End Visibility, E2E QoS Measurement on Core, Edge and Access Network,
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction,
  • Scalable, for small and large deployments,
  • OPEX reduction
    • Fast provisioning - Easy & Fast deployment - Quick troubleshooting
    • Significantly Reduce Help Desk Call Volume,
    • Quickly and effectively Manage SLA Violations before they escalate to customer-affecting issues,
    • Proactive Fault Detection & Fast Resolution
      • Expert System, Network Expertise to automatically analyze Network behavior.
  • CAPEX reduction
    • Cost Effective, Entry Level & Turnkey Solution, Software Agent.

Cost Effective - The right solution at the right price.

  • Probe Family (Hardware / Software) with different levels of performances and Prices.
  • Software Licensing - Each Virtual probe is designed to fit each customer need. Each module and each feature can be activated by software License with the required performance.
  • Entry Level and Turn Key Solution.

Complete Solution – Network (E2E QoS) & Application (QoE) KPIs.

Agnostic – Network Equipment independent Solution.

Scalable  – Solution to monitor small Network infrastructure and scale to large International Network infrastructure.

Reliable – Solution already deployed by big Carriers, Service Providers and Enterprises.

Flexible - Virtual probe based on licensing.

For more information about our NFV/SDN Solution, please contact us.

Carrier & Service Provider

Gain visibility on Network Infrastructure Performances.

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Enterprise / IT

Gain visibility on Perfomances & Availability of your critical Business Applications and on SLA of your Network Infrastructure.

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